Linking the Mornington Peninsula Landscape (LMPL)

Linking the Mornington Peninsula Landscape (LMPL) reconnects fragmented remnants of indigenous vegetation to create wildlife corridors (biolinks) on the Mornington Peninsula. LMPL assists Mornington Peninsula Landcare groups and landholders to develop collaborative local biolink plans for catchments across the Peninsula. These plans focus on works required to achieve the biolink on private properties, but also consider public land in the biolink area. The landcare groups and landholders then use the plans to apply for funding to engage contractors to undertake the works, and to undertake works themselves with voluntary landholder and landcare member labour.

At April 2023, over $823,000 from 17 grants had been awarded to undertake works on 69 biolink properties covering 256 ha of funded works.

Designed as a 5-year project, LMPL has been undertaken in 11 different regions on the southern Mornington Peninsula.

LMPL is a project of the Mornington Peninsula Landcare Network, in partnership with the Natural Resources Conservation League

As at May 2023, with 11 biolink plans for the southern peninsula finalised and works on many either complete or underway, the Mornington Peninsula Landcare Network is hoping to extend the project to the northern peninsula. Watch this space for further updates.