Dunns Creek Biolink

The Dunns Creek Biolink Plan was completed in January 2018. It is available on this website.

Dunns Creek biolink properties (shaded yellow on the map below) connect Kangerong Nature Conservation Reserve to Bald Hill Nature Conservation Reserve.

Beginning in the southeastern corner on the corner of Red Hill-Shoreham Rd, and travelling north west along Dunns Creek Rd, the biolink area encompasses properties on the western side of Dunns Creek Rd and along Gibb Rd.

Significant patches of remnant vegetation exist on many of the properties. Tributaries of both Dunns Creek and Bald Hill Creek run through the biolink area. All biolink properties have stream frontage where biodiversity values are higher than in surrounding bushland, depending on weed burden.

At the southwestern end of the biolink, dense weed infestations of Pittosporum, Blackberry and English Ivy along Bald Hill Creek pose significant threats to indigenous groundcover and midstorey and are a source of some of the weed burden in Bald Hill Nature Reserve. The Dunns Creek Biolink Plan outlines a weed-control program that will make significant inroads to bring this under control, with benefits not only to the reserve but also to surrounding biolink properties.

In the mid section of the biolink are two adjacent properties with high-quality remnant bushland with intact canopy, mid and under-storey. These landholders have a history of self-funded weed control and a passion to improve and restore environmental values on their properties.