What are the benefits for your property?

As a landholder, hosting a section of biolink on your property means setting aside a portion of your land for native vegetation. What benefits can flow from this?

  • Well designed indigenous plantings can act as shelter belts for stock, protecting them from the extremes of wind, rain and sun.
  • Increasing the area of your property under perennial (year-round) native vegetation will:
  • reduce surface water runoff – reducing soil loss and increasing soil water retention
  • improve soil structure and nutrient cycling through year-round addition of organic matter (leaf litter, root mass)
  • reduce wind erosion of soil.
  • Participation may assist you to gain access to in-kind and financial support in futurefor control of weeds and feral animals (i.e. foxes and rabbits), fencing, and purchase and planting of native vegetation.

Increasing the amount and quality of native bush on your property may also increase the monetary value of your land.